Autoturism de lux, Ferrari 458, a fost distrus în Marea Britanie pentru ca nu avea drept de circulatie

Imagini care au facut inconjurul lumii

Imaginile unui autoturism de lux, în valoare de peste 200.000 de euro a fost distrus în Marea Britanie fac înconjurul lumii.

Maşina nu avea drept de circulaţie.


This is my Ferrari the police crushed unlawfully!! It has taken them almost 1 year to release the video I wonder why? my car was insured I was the owner they went behind my back and removed a court order that was imposed on the car without notifying my self or my legal team although the police was put on notice if they was to go court to inform us first, as they failed to return my car I had no choice to take the officer to court so we put them on notice they must attend court in return the officer goes to court behind our back few days before the hearing that was given to them and removed the car from order and destroyed it the next day!!

I saved my ads off to buy this car and it was a sentimental car to my and my family the police had no right to do what they did is very sad this money could have gone to a good cause a Ferrari broken in parts is worth more then the car it self, we pay our taxes for officers who act like this in a public office

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