Most people think that only diabetics have elevated blood sugar levels. However, this is not true. Each person can suffer from this, and not to be aware and not notice of the damage nerves, blood vessels and organs. So it would not have happened you and to prevent complications that constantly high blood sugar can cause, it is important to recognize the warning symptoms and take appropriate measures.

  1. Constant hunger

High blood sugar prevents glucose to enter the cells. As a result, the body does not get enough energy and “asks” for food over and over again: it’s a vicious circle.

  1. Increased fatigue

As a result of elevated levels of blood sugar, the body is unable to properly absorb and store glucose. Energy is inefficiently spent, and the cells are not getting the fuel they need. All this leads to a person feeling tired for no reason.

  1. Frequent urination

When blood sugar is too high, the kidneys cannot absorb the liquid. Therefore, the body, trying to equalize the level of glucose in the blood and in the cells, the blood dissolves the intracellular fluid and thus normalize the level of glucose. The result is frequent urination.

  1. Dry lips, increased thirst

Dry lips and thirst are strong responses to increased fluid loss. The hypothalamus, which assesses the level of dehydration and causes thirst, sends signals to the brain. Of course, you cannot quench thirst, but still take water or tea without sugar.

  1. Weight loss

With a high level of glucose, you can lose weight in a short period of time, although meals are frequent and contain a lot of calories. There are several reasons for this:

– Loss of fluid due to frequent urination leads to low levels of fluid throughout the body, resulting in weight loss.

– When the level of insulin is insufficient for the metabolism of glucose, the body starts to burn fat.

– Due to the high levels of glucose, the body consumes a lot of calories to create a large amount of urine and thus “saved” excess glucose.

  1. Infectious diseases

Infection of the urinary tract and fungi infections happen to both men and women. However, much more common in women who have high blood sugar and diabetes. Large amounts of sugar creates a favorable environment for growth of fungi and bacteria.

  1. Dry skin

Dry skin may be associated with high levels of sugar in the blood for many reasons:

– Excessively frequent urination dehydrates the body to the point that the skin begins to dry.

– Problems with skin on the legs are a sign of atherosclerosis – building lipids and some minerals in the blood vessel walls leads to their congestion and reduced blood circulation, but this disease is common in diabetics.

– Damaged nerves can disrupt the normal function of the sweat glands, affecting the skin moisture.

  1. Problems with concentration

High blood sugar prevents the glucose to enter the cells of the brain, so the brain has difficulty in obtaining energy. This adversely affects the speed of thinking and making decisions.

  1. Blurred vision

Blurred vision is the result of dehydration due to the high blood sugar level – it also affects the cells of the eye. As a result, they deform and eye loses its ability to focus properly.

  1. Slow healing of wounds and cuts

This is due to vascular damage that is caused by high blood sugar levels. Deteriorates circulation of the blood, especially in the legs.

  1. Decreased libido

High blood sugar negatively affects the nerves, flow of blood and proper hormonal balance, which results in decreased libido and potency.

  1. Irritability

According to research, people with high levels of sugar are anxious, irritable and prone to depression. The brain relies on the supply equal amounts of glucose, and sudden jumps in the level of its negative impact on its work. As a result, our mood is deteriorating rapidly. Sugar also affects the absorption of other substances responsible for mood, such as chromium, for example. This mineral is necessary to maintain stable blood sugar levels, because insulin, which cleans the glucose from the blood, cannot work properly without it.


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