Aegagropila Linnaei

Aegagropila linnaei is one of the most precious nurslings in an aquarium. It is a ball-shaped species of green algae with a velvety surface. This form is rarely found in nature; usually they grow as colonies of flat cushions. This interesting round shape is created by gentle wave action along the substrate. Because they tend to grow extremely slowly, moss balls are very popular for use in Nano Cubes and other small aquaria. Combined with stones and roots they produce highly attractive designs and layouts.


Common Name(s): Marimo

Family: Cladophoraceae

Genus: Aegagropila

Origin: Asia

Type: Moss

Placement: Foreground

Difficulty: Easy

Growth Rate: Slow

Height (cm): 3-10+

Lighting: Low

CO2: Low

Other Uses: Nano Aquarium

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