Blockers (2018)


Blockers is a 2018 American sex comedy film directed by Kay Cannon (in her directorial debut) and written by Brian Kehoe, Jim Kehoe, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Eben Russell. The film stars Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena as a trio of parents who try to stop their daughters (Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Gideon Adlon) from each losing her virginity on prom night.

The film’s title and posters are a reference to the act of “cock blocking”; the rooster icon was removed for advertising on broadcast television and cable networks that objected, with only the Blockers text being shown.

The film premiered at South by Southwest on March 10, 2018[4] and was theatrically released in the United States on April 6, 2018, by Universal Pictures. It received generally positive reviews from critics, with praise for its “humor and performances,” as well as for “intelligence and empathy” not often found in the genre.

On the day of prom, Julie shares with her best friends Kayla and Sam that she plans to lose her virginity to boyfriend Austin. Kayla immediately pledges to do so as well, though on a casual basis with her lab partner and school drug cook Connor. Sam, a closeted lesbian confused about her feelings, is reluctant but joins the pact out of a desire for a shared experience that will bind her to her two best friends as they go on to college. She goes to prom with the harmless, chubby, Fedora-wearing Chad.

Julie’s mother Lisa puts on a pre-party for the parents and kids. Mitchell, Kayla’s father, greets Lisa and notes that she has been evading his attempts to catch up. Sam’s free-spirited father Hunter, divorced from her mother after his infidelity, arrives in a limousine for the girls and pledges to make this night the best of her life.

The girls head to prom and text each other about their sex pact; back home, Mitchell and Lisa hear Julie’s still-open laptop and intercept the messages. Hunter helps them decipher the emoji codes and they realize the girls’ pact. Lisa and Mitchell rush to “cock block” their daughters, and Hunter tries to stop them. Hunter shares his intuition that Sam is gay and that Chad is a beard, but at the first party, he sees her force herself to kiss Chad. Wanting to protect his daughter from making a mistake, he joins Lisa and Mitchell’s crusade.

As they follow the girls from party to party, it becomes clear that each parent has an unresolved problem behind their motivation. Mitchell is overprotective and in denial over his daughter’s sexuality, and thinks she needs protecting from men like Connor. Hunter feels guilty for neglecting Sam during his bitter separation from her mother, who cheated on him and assaulted him in public to his humiliation. Single mother Lisa is struggling to let go of her only child, in denial over Julie’s plans to go with Austin to UCLA instead of to University of Chicago forty-five minutes away. This culminates in an angry phone call between Lisa and Julie, who claims that UCLA is the furthest she can get from her imposing mother and that she is not following Austin, it is the other way around.

A drunk Sam goes to bed with Chad, but decides she does not want to have sex after all. Chad is caught up in the moment and prematurely ejaculates. Kayla and Connor go off together, but Kayla changes her mind about her flippant attitude to her virginity and they mutually agree to get to know each other better.

The parents arrive and Mitch storms into the room and throws Connor through the wall; Kayla is initially furious but ultimately touched by her father’s good intentions and reveals that she does not need protecting, as he already taught her everything about protecting herself. Sam and Hunter share a tender moment where he reveals that a good night was the best he could give her in return for his neglect; Sam officially comes out to her father, who is deeply moved at being the first person she told. Sam goes to indulge Hunter in his much-sought prom night photo, but Hunter declares that he will remember the moment without one. Lisa sneaks into Julie and Austin’s room and is moved by how much the two clearly love each other. She sneaks out of the hotel room unnoticed and leaves the two of them alone.

Lisa promises to keep in touch with Mitchell more, whose friendship she had been spurning because he represents her daughter’s youth. The two of them also make Hunter welcome, acknowledging his emotional pain of being ostracized. The three girls share prom night stories and Sam (following Hunter’s advice) comes out to them, to which Julie and Kayla are extremely supportive. They leave Sam with her crush, Angelica; the two share a romantic kiss. Chad raps for the crowd, thrilled at what he considered sex, and everyone dances.

Three months later, Julie goes off to college, with Sam and Kayla driving with her to California. As they drive away, Lisa realizes she’s been added into their group text, which is filled with plans to get marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. As the three parents run for the car, the girls reveal it was a prank and text a final “I love you” to them.

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